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Author: Brett NagelSENIOR VICE PRESIDENT (NMLS ID# 900919)

I provide you with sensible solutions to your financial goals. That may include commercial or agricultural loans for your business. I will help you understand the details of your loans so there is less confusion. It's about you and me working together. I will assist you in every way that I can to help you reach your goals!

Articles posted by Brett Nagel

The Importance Of Technology With Internal Communication

Posted by Brett NagelPosted on Operations & Processes

It is so important, now more than ever, to have programs in our workplaces that make communication fast, and easy. Working remotely has become more popular and more necessary than ever before. According to Financesonline.com, “30 million employees work from home at least once a week in the US. It’s predicted that by 2022, 60% of office-based employees in the … Read More

Word Of Mouth Is Not Dead In The Digital Era

Posted by Brett NagelPosted on Marketing & Selling

Think about the last time you tried a new restaurant or visited a new store. What did you think of it? Did you tell your friends about it? According to a Nielsen study, “92% of consumers believe suggestions from friends and family than other advertising.” This statistic alone shows the value that word-of-mouth (AKA WOM) marketing, and how it still … Read More

The Rise Of The Remote Worker

Posted by Brett NagelPosted on Operations & Processes

There are differing opinions about letting employees work in the comfort of their own homes. Some businesses thrive on having personal, face-to-face interaction with their customers; while for others, meeting in person is just not necessary. How do we know if this is the right choice for our businesses? Keep reading to learn more about the good and bad sides … Read More

Security Measures To Consider For Your Business

Posted by Brett NagelPosted on Operations & Processes


Unfortunately, the world we live in can sometimes be a scary place. The threat of burglaries and break-ins is as prevalent as it ever was. Many successful business owners will agree that making sure your business is secure are among their top priorities. Continue reading to learn more about how to ensure that your business is secure and safe for … Read More

5 Market Research Tools for Small Businesses

Posted by Brett NagelPosted on Marketing & Selling


At some point in time, it may prove valuable for your businesses’ growth to conduct market research. These tools can help you hone in on an ideal demographic of customers, follow trends for that market, and help you strategize how you will conduct business. Here are some resources you can utilize for your market research. SimilarTech SimilarTech is a sales insight … Read More

Cyber Security Tips for your Office

Posted by Brett NagelPosted on Operations & Processes


Protect Your Data This point may seem like a very obvious one, however, even the most seemingly minor information may be utilized by hackers and thieves for nefarious purposes. Your employees should have a strong understanding of how to verify customer identities over the phone as well as what type of information they are able to share. Having only one … Read More

Protecting Your Digital Documents

Posted by Brett NagelPosted on Operations & Processes


Computers and the internet have opened so many doors for businesses and consumers. We can find information and the touch of a button, purchase anything you can think of online and connect with people from all over the globe. Of course, with any technological advance, there are always difficulties and risks. Protecting our personal information is crucial. Below are some … Read More

Utilizing Pinterest for Your Business

Posted by Brett NagelPosted on Marketing & Selling


Pinterest has become one of the trendiest and most widely used social media platforms available. According to Sproutsocial.com, Pinterest has 291 million active monthly users. When looking at this statistic from a marketing perspective, the potential reach your content and products may have on Pinterest is huge. Below, I have listed out some reasons you should be using Pinterest for … Read More

How to Protect Your Business from Identity Theft

Posted by Brett NagelPosted on Operations & Processes


In 2018, there were 1.4 million fraud reports processed by the Federal Trade Commission. These losses totaled $1.48 billion dollars according to Consumer Affairs. We have all heard about people receiving fraudulent calls about debts they supposedly owe or even pop-up ads on the internet that say your computer is infected. In this advanced technological age, taking steps to protect … Read More

Instagram Tips for Businesses

Posted by Brett NagelPosted on Marketing & Selling


Instagram is a very worthwhile marketing tool to use for your business. This platform is great for interacting and engaging with your current clientele and your audience of prospects. While some organizations go in-depth with Instagram for business, not all businesses have to; here are some basic tips that work for even the smallest establishments. Tell stories Use photos that … Read More